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What is The HDRandomChat.com?

The HDRrandomChat is an exciting online dating platform. Here, you can date and chat with thousands of gorgeous lesbian girls from all over the world. We use a secure online video platform that generates a private room for you to chat with your chosen girl. The beauty of this platform is that it brings dating into your home without you moving an inch.

All the profiles we have in our database are of verified people. Therefore, you can meet real people and chat with them using our high-quality HD video.

How Does Lesbian Chat Work?

The HDRrandomChat has an easy-to-use platform for lesbian girls who want a lesbian chat room. All that you need to do is to login the website, turn on your camera and a cute girl will appear randomly. If you are not interested in her, just click next and another will appear. There are many cute girls in the website that you can’t fail to find the one you want within a few seconds.

What is Special about Lesbian Chat?

All that you know about online dating can be changed as soon as you visit HDRrandomChat and get in the lesbian chat room. The experience there is out of the world. Some of the most amazing features that you will get here include:

  • Great video quality
  • Lightning speed connections
  • Simplified communication channel with a push-to-talk button


Have you ever noticed in most online dating sites that there are more men than women? Your attempts to get a girl may take longer than expected if you don’t join the lesbian chat room in HDRrandomChat.

At HDRrandomChat, we verify the profiles of the girls joining our websites before we admit them in. Therefore, you can be sure that the profiles you view are those of real lesbian girls.

Lesbian Chat vs Text Chat

Your experience chatting with a lesbian using our video platform cannot be the same as that of text chat. Of course, a lesbian video chat is far much better than normal text chat. One of the ways a lesbian chat is better than a text chat is through the realistic experience you get. When you interact online while seeing each other, the feeling becomes more real than merely texting. You also get instant feedback about whether or not you like each other, rather than having to wait for text messages.

What are the Rules in our lesbian chat online?

We have rules and regulations that guide the use of lesbian chat online. All users must abide by all the rules.

1.  Disrespectful language is not allowed. In addition, all users must ensure that they DO NOT:

  • Threaten other users
  • Use race, religion, gender or other social factors to harass other users
  • Abuse others verbally

2.  Any kind of indecent behaviour is not allowed in a lesbian chat online. Some indecent behaviours may include:

  • Showing private parts during a lesbian chat
  • Undressing yourself when talking to another user
  • Suggest to other users to engage in online sexual activities.

3.  Improper use of the camera is NOT allowed. Some of the indicators of improper use of the camera include:

  • Directing your camera towards inappropriate texts
  • Directing your camera towards an image of a minor
  • Using a software that can interfere with the camera

4.  We do not allow the following spam:

  • Sending marketing information using the lesbian chat room
  • Emailing other users about your business
  • Asking other users to review your products

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people have questions about lesbian chat room. Here are some of the FAQs and their answers:

Ø Can I trust the sites with my credit card information?

Yes, it is safe to trust our sites with credit card information. This is because we mind your privacy and do not expose your card information. But still, you can ask your card provider to provide a PIN for online purchases just so that you protect your information better. 

Ø Are the lesbian girls and shows in chat rooms live or has the video been recorded?

Yes, the girls you see in the chat rooms are live. You can interact with them freely and enjoy your moments. In addition, there are recorded sessions just in case you can watch.

Ø How can I buy tokens for a private show?

Buying tokens to use for the additional services is very easy. You will simply need to have your account loaded with money, which you can use to make payments.

Ø What is the difference between a free and a paid chat?

There are some differences worth noting if you opt for either a paid or free lesbian chat room. Some of the differences include:

  • Your choice of lesbian girls: in free chats, you get random girls selected for you while the paid option gives you an opportunity to filter and get the kind of girl that you want.
  • Language translation: just in case you meet a lesbian girl that speaks a different language than yours, you can use the translation services available for premium users (paid customers).
  • Device compatible: a paid chat can be accessed by all devices that have internet access.   

Ø How do I start private chats with models?

You simply need to get in the website and turn your camera ON. It is as simple as this!! The models will start chatting you live.

Ø Are users allowed to record webcam of others and post it online?

Recording other users in the lesbian chat room is NOT allowed. We consider this an infringement of other users’ rights and thus do not allow it. However, the only scenario when you can be allowed to record is when you are doing it as an evidence for online abuse. And if this happens, you must only share the video with us, not exposing it online. 

Ø Can I prevent people from specific country from seeing me?

No, you cannot prevent people from specific country from seeing you. However, you can remove a country from your list if you don’t want to view it.